About Us

Roofing Outfitters is determined to change the way homeowners view roofing companies.  Our goal is to help you be the most educated homeowner you can be so that you can make effective decisions and enjoy your home to the fullest!

Hi, I’m Tim Andersen, the founder of Roofing Outfitters. I often joke that roofing is in my blood. As a kid, along side my father and older brother, countless hours were spent estimating, repairing and replacing about every type of roof system imaginable. Being afraid of heights was never a thought that entered my mind. I have many fond and vivid memories of watching the evening sky change as the Texas sun set from the roof of my childhood home. On a roof top is were my older brother and I made our plans to join the Marine Corps together. My passion for the industry and the people I meet and work with everyday is honest and true. There is a need for quality roofing contractors and the need is what I strive to fill here in Evergreen.

Here For The Community

Tim founded Roofing Outfitters with the goal of truly being part of the local community.  He lives and works in Evergreen.  While his team works all over the Denver Metro area, Tim has focused on being involved in the local community from the local festivals, to Polar Bear Plunges, to running into customers in the grocery store.

Our Promise To You

Our passion is in helping people…Simple as that!  We’re not going to sell you a roof if you don’t need a new roof. We’ll discuss what needs to be done and why.

Efficient Communication

We understand that you have a lot going on.  We are quick, efficient, and clear in our communication with you, your HOA, your insurance company, and your mortgage company.