Choosing A Roof Contractor

Yes!  It is possible to feel confident in who you hire…

Licensed – All roofing contractors should carry their own license and be able to easily prove that to you.  Ask to see the license before signing a contract. Unlicensed companies will hire a 3rd party to pull permits for them.  We are proud that we pull all of our own residential and commercial permits.

Note:  A business license is not the same as the roofing contractor license!

Insured – All roofing contractors needs to be insured and be able to show proof of insurance. Bonding typically is covered under insurance policies these days.

Experience – Look for a contractor who has extensive experience with multiple types of roofs and materials.  Don’t hesitate to ask for references and their portfolio.

Local Experience – Look for someone who knows and understands Colorado’s climate and weather conditions.  Some roofing contractors travel regionally and therefore, don’t understand the Colorado climate as intimately as someone who lives here year round.

Full Company Name & Physical Address – Ask any roofing company for their full name and address.

Note: A PO Box is ok but also verify a local address. You want to know that the company you hire is local and will be around should a problem arise.

Research Reviews – Look for reviews online to see if a company is reputable.

Warranties – Ask the roofing company if they offer any warranties or guarantees for their work.  Roofing Outfitters offers a 5 year warranty on residential roof repairs, and a 15 year warranty on new residential roofs. The roof itself often has its own warranty on the product and we provide this information to the client at the end of every job.


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