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Commercial roofs are primarily designed to be durable and combat the threats of heat, rain, snow, and hail. When professionally installed, a commercial roof can last for years, ensuring against a future of frequent damage, costly repairs, wasted energy, and potential disaster. Modern commercial roofing systems such as flat roof, metal, modified or bitumen, TPO, and EDPM offer this protection while also providing a range of style options depending on a your preference. We have extensive experience designing and installing commercial roofs for Colorado businesses and a commitment to our customers to provide a professional, safe work environment throughout the installation process. Schedule your free commercial roof inspection today via 303-221-6005 to discuss installation options with our roofing experts.

Commercial Roofing System Installations

  • Steep, Low Slope & Flat Roofs – Commercial buildings tend to have large flat areas where water can pool easily. By installing a flat roofing system with proper sloping the building can effectively shed water.
  • Sheet Metal & Gutters – Metal roofing is among the most durable and stylish options for modern roofing systems. Its reflective surface leads to large energy savings and its impact durability protects against hail.
  • Modified Roof Systems – Often called Bitumen Roofing, this 5-layer material composite is built to withstand extreme weather and is perfect for waterproofing. It also has a high return on investment for its lifecycle.
  • TPO Roof Systems – TPO is popular and recognizable as a system spread in bright white sheets over the surface of the roof. It is chemically adhered and hot air welded to creates a weatherproof seal that is highly reflective and leads to large energy savings.
  • EPDM Roof Systems – Similar to TPO, EPDM is spread over the surface of the roof in sheets, but it is mechanically installed and fastened instead of chemically adhered. This can make the installation process much easier.

Our Commercial Roofing Installation Process

When it comes to the installation of a new commercial roof, each business has its own set of unique needs, as well as potential challenges to overcome. Differences in architectural design, building requirements, local climate, and interior operations means that the commercial roofing process should always begins with a full inspection of the installation site. This allows our team to gather detailed information which can help us to provide you with an accurate estimate for the cost and timeline of installing a new commercial roof. Inspections also give us the chance to recommend modern roofing materials and commercial roofing systems that can potentially add years to your roof’s lifespan and reduce the frequency of future repairs.

Once our inspection is complete and your installation is scheduled, our team will coordinate with you on how to create a safe job site for our team and yours. We will work diligently to complete the installation according to an agreed upon project timeline. Progress meetings are scheduled with our customers to ensure deadlines are met, and consistent quality checks are performed throughout the roofing process. When we’re finished, we will return the job site to normal and you will be thrilled with the design and quality of your new commercial roof! Contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free commercial roof inspection!

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