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As a homeowner, you may not think about your roof until you need to. We’d like to keep it that way.  The reality is that your roof is an important investment in the long-term value of your home and your quality of life. Our passion is in helping to educate homeowners so they may make effective decisions about their roofs. Call 303-221-6005 now to schedule your free residential roof inspection!

Colorado Residential Roof Replacement

There comes a time in the life cycle of every roof where even advanced repairs can’t fix the ongoing problems that come with natural age, damage, and material deterioration. It can be difficult to determine when it is time for a home roof replacement without scheduling a professional inspection. However, some common signs your roof may need to be replaced include: warped or crumbling shingles, interior water damage, ice damming near your gutters, etc. Many times, these problems are an early warning sign that your home’s roof is ready to fail, exposing you to potential disasters such as flooding, rot, energy loss, or collapse. Any of these events could end up costing you far more than a professional roof replacement. Stop paying for repairs and schedule your free inspection today via 303-221-6005 to discuss replacement options with our residential roofing experts.

Residential Roof Installation in Colorado

Modern advancements in home roofing materials have created new possibilities for homeowners who want a roof that matches their unique style, but also fits their budget. Laminated / hail resistant shingles, steel, slate, aluminum, and tile are just a few of the popular material options which make it possible to achieve any style, color, or finish for your new roof, and guarantee long-term durability against heat, rain, snow, and hail. It’s important to work with a roofing company you can trust when installing a new roof on your home. Improper installation or cheap materials can put your home’s roof at risk of disaster and create a need for many future repairs. At Roofing Outfitters, we install only the highest-quality roofing materials and create a professional, safe work environment for our customers during the installation process. Call 303-221-6005 today to schedule your free home roof inspection and to discuss installation options with our experts.

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At Roofing Outfitters, we are committed to providing the highest quality residential roofing services, while ensuring a safe, professional work environment from initial design through finished installation. We call this promise the Roofing Outfitters Safety Commitment, and we take it very seriously. Every Roofing Outfitters employee must pass a background check and drug test before entering any home. When you see our safety seal on Roofing Outfitters vehicles and employee uniforms, you can have peace of mind knowing that the contractor you invite into your home is a trustworthy individual that is ready to help.

Quality and service are the cornerstones of everything we do. Our residential roofing experts are trusted professionals who perform thorough inspections and focus on understanding each home’s needs. Progress meetings are scheduled with customers to ensure deadlines are met, and consistent quality checks are performed throughout the roofing process. Contact us today for your free home roof inspection. We look forward to serving you.

Knowing when to replace your Home’s Roof

Most homeowners tend to consider the condition of their roof only after a major leak or damage is discovered, but there are many other signs that can indicate when your home’s roof should be replaced. Typically, knowing when to invest in a residential roof replacement depends on the average lifespan and quality of materials it was built with, and also how well it has been repaired and cared for since its installation. However, once a home roof starts to fail and cause problems frequently, it is time for a replacement – regardless of its materials or age. Paying close attention to the signs of roofing damage can alert you before a disaster occurs and give you time to contact us about a professional residential roof replacement.

Common Signs Your Roof Needs Love:

  • Interior Water Damage
  • Missing Shingles
  • Ice Damming
  • Hail Damage

High-Quality Residential Roofing Materials

Laminated shingles are designed to resemble wood shingles. If you’re looking for design and function in your roof restoration, these shingles offer a number of different colors and give a roof a layered look. Laminated shingles typically come with a 30 to lifetime manufacturer warranty, are stronger than a tab shingle and offer a greater degree of wind and tear protection adding greater value to your home. Note: Hail resistant shingles will decrease most homeowners’ premiums.

Each Designer Shingle offers a unique appearance and design to give your home a very specific look. Most manufacturers have designed different styles to emulate natural products like wood shingles, slate and tile. Some even have unique style of their own. These products generally come with a 40-year to a lifetime warranty. While it may be more of a cost up front, the increase in your home’s resale value and its overall appearance will be worth it in the end.

Aluminum shingles can dramatically change the overall appearance of your home. The contemporary style and color options will give your roof a high-end design. These shingles are proven to give you years of trouble-free service, and, as one of the most energy-efficient types of roofing materials, this material is hard to beat. The downside is that these shingles are very soft and easily damaged.

These shingles are quickly becoming a staple in the roofing industry. With specialized paint finishes that have proven to be reliable, steel shingles can be formed and colored to give a dramatic appearance and increase the resale value of any home.

Slate roofs have been used for centuries to protect and beautify distinguished homes. With a life expectancy of 100+ years, good quality slate is a once in a lifetime choice. While slate was traditionally known for being extremely heavy and expensive, the updated TruSlate from GAF offers consumers a real slate roof at half the weight and half the price.

Tile roofs come in many styles and colors and can resemble the traditional barreled style or look like wood shingles or slate. It is important to ensure your roof structure has been designed to handle the weight of a tile roof, however new advancements have allowed tiles to be made lighter, and clay or cement tiles can last a lifetime.

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