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Commercial roof replacement is about much more than repairing leaks or damage. Investing in a commercial roof that is durable, well-ventilated, and energy-efficient can save businesses thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary repairs and inflated energy bills. While preventing the immediate dangers of flooding, rot, or roof collapse is always top-of-mind for business owners, most don’t consider that an inefficient or deteriorated roof is actually costing them more in the long-run than a full roof replacement. By working with our commercial roofing experts, you can get an honest assessment of what condition your commercial roof is in, and professional recommendations for how to replace it with modern, high-quality materials that will ensure you can avoid any excess future damage and stop paying for frequent repairs. Contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free commercial roof inspection!

When Should You Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Determining to what extent a leak, crack, or failure in your roof’s integrity has affected your business can be a difficult task without professional guidance. Signs of commercial roofing damage can vary widely depending on the type of material used to built your roof and the nature of the damage. Lack of experience in spotting signs of roofing damage, or limited accessibility to affected roofing areas may lead business owners to the inaccurate conclusion that their roof is fine and expose them to the potential for future disaster. Common signs your roof needs replacement are: Leaks before, during or after a storm, cracks in roofing material or seams, holes or missing pieces of your roof system, curling at the edge of your roof, invasive plant growth, and water damage/mold on internal walls and ceilings. Contact us at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free roofing inspection and to discuss your options.

Our Colorado Roof Replacement Process

Replacing your commercial roof does much more than just eliminate existing damage. It is a long term investment that can reduce the need for frequent and costly repairs, save your business money in monthly energy costs, and protect precious systems, equipment, or inventory from future disaster. By conducting a professional inspection, our team can assess the damage and condition of your commercial roof in order to develop an accurate estimate for replacement. We will work with you to coordinate a project timeline that is convenient and ensure a safe work environment while the roof replacement is complete. Consistent quality checks are scheduled throughout the roofing process to guarantee open communication and ensure your roof replacement is completed with the highest levels of professionalism, service, and craftsmanship. Contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free commercial roof inspection!

How To Know If Your Commercial Roof Should Be Replaced:

  1. After a snow, pay attention to how the snow melts on your roof. Is the snow on the roof consistently melting from the sun at the same rate as the snow on the eaves of your roof, it should be?
  2. Are you seeing ice damming or build up of snow or water in one spot of your roof?
  3. How do the penetrations look?  Ventilation pipes for HVAC, plumbing and hot water are some common items that penetrate a roof.  These areas are more susceptible to wear and tear from weather, UV rays, and building movement are areas where problems can start.
  4. Do you see cracks, holes, curled/warped edges, or areas where your roofing system is missing for loose?
  5. Do you see water coming through your ceiling, how about water marks or stains?
  6. Have a licensed roofing contractor out to your business to inspect your roof every 2-5 years if your roof is in good shape.  Have a roofing contractor out yearly if you know your roof is getting closer to the end of its life.
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