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When it comes to home roof installation, it’s necessary to work with a roofing company that you can trust. Unfortunately, many roofing contractors will sacrifice a higher standard of quality craftsmanship in order to maximize their bottom line. By using cheap roofing materials and rushing construction, they are able to complete the job quickly, but leave the unsuspecting home owners to deal with the cost of frequent repairs and future roofing disasters. At Roofing Outfitters, quality and service are the cornerstones of everything we do. Learn more about our home roof installation process below, and contact us at 303-221-6005 today to schedule your free roof inspection!

Why Work With Roofing Outfitters?

  • Our Safety Promise – Every Roofing Outfitters employee must pass a background check and drug test before entering any home.
  • Licensed – All roofing contractors should carry their own license and be able to easily prove that to you.  Ask to see the license before signing a contract. Unlicensed companies will hire a 3rd party to pull permits for them.  We are proud that we pull all of our own residential and commercial permits.
  • Local – Look for someone who knows and understands Colorado’s climate and weather conditions.  Some roofing contractors travel regionally and therefore, don’t understand the Colorado climate as intimately as someone who lives here year round.
  • Warranties – Ask the roofing company if they offer any warranties or guarantees for their work.  Roofing Outfitters offers a 5 year warranty on residential roof repairs, and a 10 year warranty on new residential roofs. The roof itself often has its own warranty on the product and we provide this information to the client at the end of every job.

Our Residential Roof Installation Process

Proper roof installation starts with a comprehensive roof inspection, so that our experts can understand your home’s needs and plan out a safe installation process. During this initial meeting we will help identify any existing damage or building concerns, work to understand your style preferences for roofing material, color, and finish and start to build a timeline for installation. Our primary goal is to install a home roof that you love the look of and that is durable against heat, rain, snow, and hail. We offer a variety of high-quality roofing material options including laminated / hail resistant shingles, steel, slate, aluminum, and tile. Once your chosen materials are procured, we will arrive to begin installation. Progress meetings are scheduled with customers to ensure deadlines are met, and consistent quality checks are performed throughout the roofing process. When we’re finished, we will return the job site to normal and you will be thrilled with design and quality of your new roof. Call us now at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free residential roof inspection!

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