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Most homeowners tend to consider the condition of their roof only after a major leak or damage is discovered, but there are many other signs that can indicate when your home’s roof should be replaced. Typically, knowing when to invest in a roof residential replacement depends on the average lifespan and quality of materials it was built with, and also how well it has been repaired and cared for since its installation. However, once a home roof starts to fail and cause problems frequently, it is time for a replacement – regardless of its materials or age. Paying close attention to the signs of roofing damage can alert you before a disaster occurs and it gives you time to contact us at 303-221-6005 about a professional residential roof replacement.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Home's Roof:

  • Interior Water Damage – If you see evidence of water leaking through your ceilings or walls, you probably have some major issues going on with your roof.
  • Missing Shingles – Needing roof repairs does not mean that you need to replace the entire roof, but it could be a sign that your roof is starting to fail. It’s a good reason to get a roofing contractor out to see what’s going on with the roof at large.
  • Ice Damming – If you notice ice damming at the eaves near your gutters, you probably have irregular melting zones on your roof, which means there is something going on within the roof structure. This can be addressed by changing the way the roof is ventilated.
  • Hail Damage – Hail storms can compromise your roof’s integrity by damaging the asphalt matting. If you have had one or more storms during the life of your roof, you might want to have it looked at.

Our Roof Replacement Process

Residential roof replacement begins with a thorough inspection of your home’s roof. We carefully investigate areas of concern both inside and outside the home where common roofing problems can occur like leaking, rot, or collapse. After determining the condition of your roof, we work to understand your needs and material / style preferences in order to provide you with a timely quote for replacement. Once accepted, our team coordinates a replacement schedule with you and supervises the entire roofing process to maintain a safe work environment for both you and our crew. When the replacement is finished, we will clean up the job site, gather materials, and return your home to the condition we found it in. Consistent quality checks throughout the replacement process guarantee open communication with our clients and ensure the roof replacement is completed with the highest levels of professionalism, service, and craftsmanship. Contact us today at 303-221-6005 to learn more about our home roof replacement process.

How To Know If Your Home Needs A Roof Replacement:

  1. After a snow, pay attention to how the snow melts on your roof. Is the snow on the roof consistently melting from the sun at the same rate as the snow on the eaves of your roof, it should be?
  2. Are you seeing ice damming or build up of snow or water in one spot of your roof?
  3. How do the penetrations look?  Ventilation pipes for HVAC, plumbing and hot water are some common items that penetrate a roof.  These areas are more susceptible to wear and tear from weather, UV rays, and house movement are areas where problems can start.
  4. Do you see shingles missing for loose?
  5. Do you see water coming through your ceiling, how about water marks or stains?
  6. Have a licensed roofing contractor out to your home to inspect your roof every 2-5 years if your roof is in good shape.  Have a roofing contractor out yearly if you know your roof is getting closer to the end of its life.
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