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When working with a roofing company in Morrison Colorado, it’s important to make sure that they have the necessary experience, professionalism, and access to high-quality materials that will guarantee your commercial or residential roof project is completed in a safe and timely manner. Residents in Morrison know that being located in a mountainous region means seasonal exposure to rapid climate changes and extreme high-altitude conditions. These climate shifts create a greater potential for roofing disaster, including flooding, rot, energy loss, or collapse. If your Morrison CO residential roof or commercial roof is aged, damaged, or poorly installed, it may only take one season of inclement weather for these disasters to occur, leaving you to foot the bill for costly repairs or a full roof replacement. At Roofing Outfitters, we are committed to serving our clients in Morrison Colorado, and surrounding areas, by installing the highest quality residential roofs and commercial roofs. Contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free roofing inspection!

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Roof Replacement in Morrison, CO

When considering if a roof should be replaced, most Morrison CO home and business owners don’t take into consideration that an aged, inefficient, or deteriorated roof will cost more in unnecessary repairs and high energy bills than a full roof replacement would in the long run. A durable, well-ventilated, and energy-efficient roofing system can save home and business owners thousands of dollars a year and also prevent disaster such as flooding, rot, or collapse. At Roofing Outfitters, we specialize in residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacement for homes and businesses in Morrison. When you work with our roofing company, you are guaranteed an honest assessment. If we determine that the condition of your roof is poor, we will provide recommendations for how to replace it with high-quality materials that will save you money and protect against disaster for years to come. Don’t wait, contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free home or commercial roof inspection!


Roof Installation in Morrison, CO

When it comes to residential roof installation and commercial roof installation in Morrison CO, it’s important to work with a roofing company you can trust. Unfortunately, many contractors will sacrifice a high standard of craftsmanship in order to maximize their bottom line. At Roofing Outfitters, quality and service are the cornerstones of our work. Our roofing team has extensive experience designing and installing home and commercial roofs in Morrison Colorado. We are commitment to providing a professional, safe work environment throughout the entire roof installation process. Schedule your free commercial or home roof inspection today via 303-221-6005 to discuss installation options with our experts!


Our Process for Roof Inspections, Replacements & Installations

Roofs in Morrison Colorado need to be inspected regularly across their lifecycle to ensure they have not sustained damage or deteriorated to a point where they might place a home or business at risk of disaster. Sometimes, it only takes a roof being in slightly poor condition for it to fail in its protection against threats such as flooding, rot, energy loss, or collapse. At Roofing Outfitters, our roofing experts are trained to perform thorough inspections, provide professional recommendations, and coordinate a replacement or installation schedule that accommodates your needs and guarantees the highest levels of safety. Learn more about our proven roofing process below and contact us today at 303-221-6005 to schedule your free roof inspection!

Step 1 - Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection

Damage to your roof may be difficult to find, or brushed off as a minor repair that can be resolved later, but being small or out-of-sight does not make roofing damage any less dangerous. By scheduling a free roofing inspection with our team, home and business owners can get a better understanding of the age, quality, and condition of their roof. Our experts will thoroughly search for signs of damage on both the external features and the interior of your roofing structure, in order to determine whether you are exposed to potential disaster such as flooding, rot, energy loss, or collapse.

Step 2 - Recommendations & Material Selection

If the results of our inspection conclude that a new roof installation is needed, or an existing roof must be replaced, we will work with our clients to understand their available budget and style preferences in order to provide the best recommendations for their choice of roofing materials. We offer a variety of high-quality roofing options and proven expertise in the timely installation or replacement of residential roofs and commercial roofing systems. Once a preferred roof is chosen, we can begin to discuss a timeline for the work ahead.

Step 3 - Safety Coordination & Roof Construction

After a roof is selected, we work with our clients to establish safety protocols and construction deadlines to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner while keep both our workers and your family / employees out of harm’s way. Progress meetings are scheduled with customers to ensure deadlines are met, and consistent quality checks are performed throughout the roofing process.

Step 4 - Job Site Cleanup & Other Services

When we’re finished with roof construction, we will return the job site to normal and you will be thrilled with design and quality of your new roof. We also offer a 5 year warranty on residential roof repairs, and a 10 year warranty on new residential roofs for added peace-of-mind. At Roofing Outfitters, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide clients with a positive experience from initial inspection through finished installation – and beyond. Contact us for all your future residential and commercial roofing needs.

Expert Installation of All Types of Roofs in Morrison, Colorado

Laminated shingles are designed to resemble wood shingles. If you’re looking for design and function in your roof restoration, these shingles offer a number of different colors and give a roof a layered look. Laminated shingles typically come with a 30 to lifetime manufacturer warranty, are stronger than a tab shingle and offer a greater degree of wind and tear protection adding greater value to your home. Note: Hail resistant shingles will decrease most homeowners’ premiums.

Each Designer Shingle offers a unique appearance and design to give your home a very specific look. Most manufacturers have designed different styles to emulate natural products like wood shingles, slate and tile. Some even have unique style of their own. These products generally come with a 40-year to a lifetime warranty. While it may be more of a cost up front, the increase in your home’s resale value and its overall appearance will be worth it in the end.

Aluminum shingles can dramatically change the overall appearance of your home. The contemporary style and color options will give your roof a high-end design. These shingles are proven to give you years of trouble-free service, and, as one of the most energy-efficient types of roofing materials, this material is hard to beat. The downside is that these shingles are very soft and easily damaged.

These shingles are quickly becoming a staple in the roofing industry. With specialized paint finishes that have proven to be reliable, steel shingles can be formed and colored to give a dramatic appearance and increase the resale value of any home.

Slate roofs have been used for centuries to protect and beautify distinguished homes. With a life expectancy of 100+ years, good quality slate is a once in a lifetime choice. While slate was traditionally known for being extremely heavy and expensive, the updated TruSlate from GAF offers consumers a real slate roof at half the weight and half the price.

Tile roofs come in many styles and colors and can resemble the traditional barreled style or look like wood shingles or slate. It is important to ensure your roof structure has been designed to handle the weight of a tile roof, however new advancements have allowed tiles to be made lighter, and clay or cement tiles can last a lifetime.

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